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Vesparax is a combination tablet containing 50 mg brallobarbital, 150 mg secobarbital and 50 mg hydroxyzine that was used as a sedative. It was sold under the brand name Vesparax. This drug has been withdrawn from the market in most countries. Among other things, it is also a good sleeping pill for those unable to sleep due to various issues like sleeplessness, insomnia, pain, or depression. Buy Vesparax online

The combination component of Vesparax is secobarbital sodium, a barbiturate sedative-hypnotic. Secobarbital is a short-acting barbiturate that acts through inhibition of the brain’s neurotransmitters known as gamma-aminobutyric acid. This drug works by slowing the brain and nervous system activity to calm overactive nerves and muscles, causing drowsiness and sleepiness. Buy Vesparax online

Vesparax was a powerful formulation of barbital, secobarbital and normal doses of an antihistamine as an additive to avoid allergy-like side effects. Its potency differed in degree but not in kind from the barbiturate Nembutal which, starting in 1930 and until the 1960s, was largely used as a strong sleeping pill both by physicians and by laypersons.

Vesparax sedative tablets have become the new must-have in the world of better sleep. Doctors love them and now you can’t escape their prescription. Get your hands on these coveted tablets from your doctor today to experience how Vesparax has helped millions of people like you make their lives a little more bearable.

Vesparax is a potent hypnotic sedative that could knock out even the most intense of insomniacs in less than an hour. Medical experts are warning that this drug can send people straight to the grave, but still we see it available on the streets of college campuses around the world. Don’t become a bedtime statistic! Buy Vesparax online

Vesparax arguably had the most beautiful package of any pharmaceutical. The unique design and packaging had the look and feel of a tin container that would be filled with exotic cigars, rather than tablets. The beautiful packaging ultimately led to its demise on the market. Buy Vesparax online

It was said that peaceful dreams would be induced when you took this magical pill. It was discontinued in most countries, but is still legally used as a sedative in some countries. Buy Vesparax online


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